Envy Lash Studio Tomball is a premiere lash studio highly sought after from clients not only in Tomball, but as well as all our surroundings cities. Eyelash extensions is our obsession and what we solely specialize in. We offer individual eyelash extensions in Tomball and all surrounding areas for all clients.  Our loyal clientele comes from all over to seek our meticulous luxury eyelash extension services all while keeping their natural lashes super healthy and strong.

Eyelash extensions is the best thing ever invented in the world of beauty. Just imagine, having long, gorgeous full eyelashes every single day without the time needed in the morning to put on mascara. You can wake up, with make up !

Can you tell we are a little bit obsessed about lashes? We love everything eyelashes here. We take great pride in our work and strive daily to take great care of our clients. The health of your lashes is very important to us. Proper eyelash extensions does not damage your natural lashes.

We specialize exclusively in individual eyelash extensions. Whether it is a natural or a glam look you are going for, we will customize a look just right for you and your lashes.

When it comes to your lashes, experience matters. Your eyes and lashes will thank you for it in the long run! Don't jeopardize the health of your lashes, you are worth it!

We also specialize in lash rescues and corrective eyelash services from improper eyelash extensions applications. If your natural lashes were damaged or have any discomfort from a previous salon, we will help get them on the road to healthy lashes again with a safe lash removal and proper eyelash extensions.

We love our clients

We have a wide range of our loyal clientele which ranges from stay-at-home-moms, college students, models, CEOs,  business women, police officers, teachers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, etc.

wherever your busy life leads you to, beautiful lashes helps. 

We take all this into consideration during your lash consultation, when customizing your lashes suitable to your lifestyle. Each client requires a different unique set of lashes according to your lash fingerprint and lifestyle.