Classic Lashes, HD Lashes, Hybrid Lashes, Russian Volume Lashes, MEGA Volume Lashes.

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When it comes to your lashes, experience mattters.

When it comes to your lashes, experience mattters.

When it comes to your lashes, experience mattters.When it comes to your lashes, experience mattters.When it comes to your lashes, experience mattters.


We are lash specialists who are obsessed with lashes and that's all we do!


We specialize in proper  healthy  beautiful  eyelash extensions.  It’s  what we do morning, day, and night. This is not your one  stop  salon  where multiple different services  are  being  offered.  We  are the place you go if you want PROPER eyelash extensions applied correctly the first time.  With  us   you can expect the finest quality of designer lashes and application techniques. All of our lash experts have been meticulously trained in the art of proper eyelash extensions.

At Envy Lash Tomball we firmly believe in continuing education and keeping up with the latest lash trends and techniques in the industry to be able to give the best lash services to all of our clients on a consistent basis.


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What type of eyelash extensions do we offer?

We specialize in individual eyelash extensions. All of our lashes are all faux mink lashes.  Because  we  love  our  animals,  we  do  not  use  real  mink. 

 Below are the  types of lash  services  we provide. 

1.  Classic Eyelash Extensions 

2.  HD Eyelash Extensions 

3.  Hybrid  Lashes  

(volume  +  classic  lashes  mix)

4.  Russian Volume Lashes 

5.  MEGA Volume Lashes 

6.  Lash  Lifts

7.  Lash  Tints

Do eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes?

Each natural Lash is precisely isolated and an individual eyelash extension is meticulously apply to each natural lash. When lashes are applied properly by a TRAINED & EXPERIENCED lash specialist, it will not damage your natural lashes but actually make your natural lashes more healthy. How is that? Because you are not putting on gunky mascara and taking it off and or using a curler daily. Our lash extensions all comes pre-curled with different lengths and thickness variations. So no need for mascara! Each eyelash extension will shed naturally with your natural lash shedding cycle. Just like your hair shed naturally, so does your lashes. 

Are you a New Client?

We provide healthy  luxury individual eyelash extensions in Tomball and all the  surrounding  areas.  When  it  comes  to  your  lashes,  experience  matters .   Take advantage of our new client special introductory price of $99. See the difference in our service quality compare to others! Book your appointment today with one of our highly trained and experienced lash experts. For client who wants a super glam Hollywood look, we also offer our Russian Volume Lashes,  and  Mega  volume  lashes.

Each  woman  is  different,  and  so  is  her  lashes.  Whether  it’s a  natural  lash  look,  or  a  more  glamorous  lash  look,  we’ve  got  you  covered.    

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