What to expect from your appointment/What your artist will need from you


You will see a cancellation policy when you book. Please be sure to read through it thoroughly. 

All cancellations require a complete 24 hours notice from your appointment time.



You will still be 100% responsible for your service total for any no call no show. 


Your  appointment  starts & ends  at  the  time  that  it  is  scheduled.  Please  be  on  time  to  your  appointment  to  ensure  full  service  time. We work strictly by time. We strongly recommend allowing yourself extra time when leaving for your appointment in case of traffic during your commute. 


Please  schedule your  appintments  around  your  child  care.  We do not  allow  young children  in  the  lobby  or  in our lash treatment  rooms.



We do not allow any pets in the studio.    


You  will  get  all   the  information  you  will  need  to  understand  all  your  lash  maintenance .  This  policy  will  be  discussed  at  your  first  appointment. 


Envy Lash Tomball has  a  zero  refund  policy.  In  the  unfortunate  event  you  might  be  allergic,  we  will  offer  you  a  free  removal.  


all  policies  apply  to  gift  cards.  


What to expect from your appointment/What your artist will need from you


All booking goes through my website. You can check for availabilities & openings at any time. 

Availability changes constantly, if the spot you want is not available it means it is already booked.

Each  of our  lash services will  have  a  short  detailed  explanation  with  it.  Please  read  through  each  carefully to  decide  what  works  best  for  you. 

And should you still have any questions that my website doesn’t answer, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a text message directly at the salon number at 832-764-3795. 


At your first service, we will both sit down together & discuss what will work best for your schedule & budget along with your aftercare & maintenance requirements .

There are so many lash artists out there with different styles & unfortunately there are some that are not experienced, not licensed, not certified, & or not properly trained.


Due to the many lash corrective work I’ve done in the last 8 years, it is Envy Lash Tomball’s policy not to work over another lash artist work. 

If you decide to book with Envy Lash Tomball, we will need to start with a fresh set of eyelash extensions. Should you have eyelash extensions on from elsewhere, please book a quick  gentle lash removal with your full set.

What to expect from your appointment/What your artist will need from you

What to expect from your appointment/What your artist will need from you

What to expect from your appointment/What your artist will need from you

 All of our lash services are by appointments only. When you enter our lash studio, have a seat & make yourself at home in our front waiting area. There on the table, you will see your lash waiver form to be  fill out with your information. 

This form must be filled out completely before your lash service can begin, it gives us permission to do your lashes.  

Once you’ve completed your paperwork please have a sit & wait patiently & your lash artist  will  be out  at  the  time  of  your  appointment  to  greet you.

Please silence all cell phones & take calls outside as there are other  lash artists performing services on other clients to avoid any loud disruptions in our lash studio.

When your lash artist comes out  to greet you,  you both will sit down & discuss & customize your lash set & go over important information. You will then head into your private lash service room to begin your lash nap!

After your appointment,  your artist will go through all the aftercare & answer any  questions you may have.  

We will go over products as well.    


-Please no CAFFEINE before each of your lash appointment

 (coffee,  tea,  sudafed,etc.)

-Please  try  not  to  wear  mascara  48  hours  prior  to  appointment.  

-Wash  your lashes  well  the  morning  of  your  appointment.

-Please  arrive  on  time  to  receive  your  full  service  time.  

(We recommend arriving 10 minutes early to all your appointments)

-Bring  headphones to  listen  to  your  favorite  podcast,  book  or  music. There  is  relaxing music playing  in  the  studio  that  you  can  also  enjoy. Please keep talking to a minimum during your appointments as your eyes will need to be as still as possible for your lash artist.

-Take  this  time  to  unwind ! Enjoy  a  lash  nap  and  some  time  to  yourself .   :) 


When you head into our individual private lash  room for your service it’s time to kick your shoes off,   get cozy under the plush soft blanket, & sink into your lash nap! You may take a long nap or pop in your headphones & listen to your favorite podcast or music! Most of our clients doze in & out of sleep throughout their appointment each & every time. So  feel  free  to  fall  asleep!  

During your lash service, please keep your eyes completely closed until instructed by your lash artist to open them. Also please keep any moving of your  face  &  body to a minimum. We love when our clients are relax &  napping as to it makes it easier for us to give you the highest quality of beautiful lashes. 

Thank you for choosing Envy Lash Tomball! We value all of our clients so very much much & we will always make you feel welcome & comfortable knowing that you’re getting the best service you can receive.

After your lash appointment should you have any questions or need help with anything else, please send a message to Emma directly at 

832-764-3795 so we can make sure you’re taken care of!